My Tornado Diary Ch2, May 8

Chapter 2: May 2011

 May 8

There was another grad student from another department living across the street. That guy never even lost power! For awhile, I had a 100 foot extension cord running over to his house, so I didn’t have the use the generator all the time. He was a cool dude, but moved out not too long after this photo. He said it was “too distracting” and in some ways I wish I would have come to the same conclusion.

IMAG3197 may 8 Tanya Mikulas Tuscaloosa tornado 2011

Sometimes, people said they were amazed that only some of my windows got broken. I tried to tell them, almost every single one had holes.

I went to get some more bottled water, and they also gave me a case of MREs. I still have some peanut butter leftover from those.

Also, remember those 1×4 boards that Home Depot so graciously had stacked and ready to go for me? They had a lot of mold.

IMAG3203 may 8 Tanya Mikulas Tuscaloosa tornado 2011

Also, chicken and dumplings hot lunch today, courtesy of the Red Cross!

facebook update, 10:10 PM
noticing bug has been having some really vivid dreams lately. what a weekend i had. my tan lines are oh so very sexy. took a bath in dasani this evening, no joke, 2 bottles. clean sheets. pretty sure creepy dude was escorted out. just another super quiet sunday evening in the hood. (seriously, it’s really really quiet.)

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