About Tanya Mikulas, Photographer

Crossing the line between science and art, since 2011. Tanya Mikulas, PhD, photographer

Shadow of Tanya Mikulas wearing 6-pointed PhD graduation tam with family on Shelby Hall pillar.
Tanya Mikulas, PhD, with parents on graduation eve at Shelby Hall, The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, May 2015.

I bought a cell phone with a camera in January 2011, and have spent many hours looking for interesting colors, shapes, textures, and light.

oxidation, photo by Tanya Mikulas
oxidation, 2011, Madison, WI

After my neighborhood was disintegrated by the April 27, 2011 Tuscaloosa tornado, I took a lot of photos of daily life in the zone of destruction and recovery.

2011 Tuscaloosa tornado debris, Tanya Mikulas
Remnant from a neighbor’s previously organized life.

I like flowers. I spent some time at the University of Alabama arboretum, which was spared by the tornado, as a retreat from the devastation.

Alabama Azalea photo by Tanya Mikulas, 2012
Blooming Azaleas, 2012, The University of Alabama arboretum.

I get a lot of enjoyment from being steady enough to take photos in low light conditions without a flash,

University of Alabama arboretum, 2012, Tanya Mikulas
University of Alabama arboretum 2012, Tanya Mikulas

and I especially like finding new ways to trick my phone into taking a photo of what I see.

Full Moon Emerging Artist 2012 25
Reflection in the rubble, Forest Lake neighborhood, Tuscaloosa Alabama, Tanya Mikulas 2011

Sometimes I get frustrated when the light is good but the wind is breezy. Photography has been a really great lesson in patience and picking the right moment. Sometimes I wish I had a really nice camera, but I worry that I would drop it while taking some stupid or dangerous risk to get a better angle of some light.

I finished my PhD in 2015 while still living in Forest Lake neighborhood. I rescued a lot of tornado cats and kittens, and continue to pursue the unification of art with science. Here’s a link to my dissertation. And this is a link to my scientific publications.

My photos and handiwork have been published or displayed on several occasions:

City of Tuscaloosa tornado memorial service, flyers and posterboards

The University of Alabama Capstone Educator 2011, page 6 and back cover

Manna Grocery, Tuscaloosa

Tuscaloosa News article about the tornado chair

Kentuck Art Center, Northport AL – Full Moon Emerging Artist Exhibit “transform” August 2012


The University of Alabama Arboretum Spring 2012 Archive

2012 Full Moon Emerging Artist Tornado Photo Gallery

April 28, 2011 – my unedited photo archive from the day after the epic Tuscaloosa tornado

drtphonetography.com home

tanyamikulas.com home

scale photography – my original domain, which I let expire because I was trying to focus on grad school, so now it’s just a wordpress blog

oxidation, my personal favorite

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