My Tornado Diary Ch2, May 9

Chapter 2: May 2011

May 9

facebook update, 4:56 AM
sounds carry differently here now. for example, trains. i can hear a smoke detector chirp the way they do when it’s time for a new battery. somewhere out there in the rubble.
Tanya Mikulas the slightest breeze makes a variety of dangling bits squeak, the sounds are all so unusual

I had one room in my house that I kept closed off from the animals. This was the room where I kept stuff that I wanted to be safe from harm. This room got tornadoed a little bit. Not much, but enough to spray fine shards of glass, leaves, and muck everywhere. Nothing like what happened to some other people. Still, it had to be cleaned up. And the windows were all busted out.

IMAG3237 glass may 9 Tanya Mikulas Tuscaloosa tornado 2011

The night the lights came on in Forest Lake

The weather was supposed to be getting really hot tomorrow. I had noticed that the new rows of power pole installations had been stopped for a few days, and it did not seem like they were going to be getting power down to me, I figured they figured nobody was living down there. So…I gave Alabama Power a call, and told them where I was, and begged them to get me some power. They were really nice.

facebook update, 2:33 PM
Outage Status
Your Status: OFF
Estimated Time of Restoration: 10:00PM CST on 05/09/2011
Type of Account: Electric Service
Notes: A repairperson is currently on site making repairs to the system. We anticipate power will be restored by 10:00PM CST on 05/09/2011.

by 8:30 that night, nothing had happened. I made the comment on this status post:

so, i sort of had a feeling this estimate was not really very accurate, mostly because i can see what is going on in the neighborhood and there’s no power guys working here. so i just got off the phone with alabama power, and after that conversation i think they know i’m out here and i bet i get some power tomorrow, at least a temporary wire or something. she was really nice

Later, I posted this:

facebook update, 9:51 PM
all quiet on the home front. saw a new streetlight one block over, so maybe i will have some juice soon. glad it’s not july. patrols are way down.

and then, this at 10:42 PM: (hahahaha)

hahaha so, funny story…
i just scared the crap out of the alabama power dude. i saw his flashlight poking around in the neighbor’s yard and thought he might be an intruder. nice guy though, at this hour he was out looking at the poles to my house. pretty sure i’m gonna get woke up by heavy machinery. i’m ok with that

At 3:49 AM May 10, this:

when the guy came to my back door looking for the meter, i was less…aggressive, maybe is the right word here, with this guy than i was with the first guy lol swear to god i answered the door in my boxers. i should go out there and offer them all blow jobs now.

And finally, at 4:16 AM May 10, 2011, this:

facebook update, 4:16 AM
power on. it’s really bright in my bathroom now. YAY ALABAMA POWER!


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