My Tornado Diary, Intro 5

Introduction, page 5

April 27, 2011, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Forest Lake neighborhood

At this point, I knew the storm was a bad one, but could not have guessed just how bad, until daylight came and I saw it with my own eyes. Over the following days, months, and years, I saw things I could not have dreamed or imagined could happen in real life. My story is relatively simple – there are people who were flying around in their bathtubs, for God’s sake. Hundreds of people died. Thousands lost everything. Entire neighborhoods are gone. Almost everybody has a story more terrifying than monsters and nightmares, because these stories are real. But I also saw an entire city rise up together. I made a lot of friends. I learned a lot of valuable lessons.

And, I took a lot of photos.

Over 10,000 in the first year after. I lived in the rubble of Forest Lake the whole time, and I saw everything. I took photos of everything.

This page is the introduction to my chronicle of life in the disaster (and later, recovery) zone. Here’s a sample gallery, one photo a day from the last 4 days of April and each day of May:

So, here comes the story…


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