My Tornado Diary Ch2, May 6

Chapter 2: May 2011

May 6 

facebook update, 10:43 AM
so…i’ve made some progress. i had a lot of people ask if there’s anything that i need, and i’m sort of starting to figure that out a little bit. one thing i need, is some rugs.

facebook update, 1:41 PM
Low country boil tonight, 2 doors down, same peeps as last time you do not want to miss this!

Another Danny Crenshaw low country boil, oh boy!!

Everybody shows up for this, it’s famous now.

Later this night, I wrote a note on facebook.

facebook update, 8:41 PM
just so everyone knows my plan, i’m gonna write a note with some things i need to buy, talked to my home depot store, they said people can call them with a SKU number and pay with a credit card so i can pick stuff up there tomorrow. i am having a serious cash flow problem right now, i really need a few things to get this place operational. please watch for note and let me know if you want me to tag you.

And if you click on that link to the note I wrote, you will see that a large number of people stepped up to help me by purchasing supplies I used to get my household back on track. That is something significant, and I will never forget. Indeed, there are thousands of stories about people helping people in the context of this storm. I wish I knew exactly where I saw it or who said it, but there was some post I saw after the storm, that said something like, regardless of how much we irritate or annoy each other on a daily basis, at least we know that when the shit hits the fan in Tuscaloosa, we got each other’s backs.


In the middle of the night, there was a large and very loud commotion outside. A patrol had actually witnessed someone with nefarious intent, and the troops had been rallied.

To my yard.

facebook update, 1:29 AM
due to an intruder sighting, i have 10 hummers outside my house and am currently walking around with a loaded 9mm safety off

It was…stressful. I don’t know if they caught anybody or not.

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