My Tornado Diary Ch2, May 21

Chapter 2: May 2011

May 21


The destroyed house behind my house was steadily falling down. Also, there was a water leak that was completely inaccessible. Many people tried.

The Christmas ornaments did not make it.

I was somewhat annoyed by all the Red Cross trash left behind by workers. Not sure why. It’s kind of weird to be irritated by this, but I felt like just because everything is trashed doesn’t mean this is a good place for new trash. Which is really kind of stupid of me.

I mean, normally it would have bothered me if someone just used my front yard as a parking lot for their machinery every day. But, nope. I guess I got used to it. Weird.

Oh look, more debris.

And a pretty nice sunset.

IMAG3686 may 21 Tanya Mikulas Tuscaloosa tornado 2011

If you’re starting to feel like there’s too many photos of debris in this story, congratulations. You got the point I am trying to make. There is some good stuff here, but… actually living with all this, seeing it every single day, not being able to get away from it, well…it really got old.

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