My Tornado Diary Ch2, May 13

Chapter 2: May 2011

May 13

facebook update, 11:50 AM
so…yeah. it’s a little bit scary to be here and face the threat of some severe weather today. just a tiny little bit though.

then a comment at 1:47:

i will say, there are a lot of new sounds when the wind blows even a little bit. tarps flapping everywhere, creakings and groanings and grindings from all the unstable rubble, sudden shifts in piles. weird.

Speaking of tarps, I got sick of all the leaks in my good room, and used one of the house tarps from FEMA to tarp my ceiling from the inside. It’s not as easy as it sounds. After seeing all the tarps in the neighborhood get shredded by the rain, I thought this might be easier to maintain, and I would be able to monitor if a problem was developing. Had to allow for some drainage and added support, just in case.

Also, I took a couple photos while walking the dogs by the lake.

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