My Tornado Diary, April 29, 2011

April 29, 2011

facebook update, 8:22 AM
do i know anyone with a bobcat or a bigass tractor? i have some things i need to move lol

We worked all day long. Shawn and Mandie got the roof covered with tarps. They did a darn good job, too…it was many several months before my landlord did any repairs. (Also, that guy charged me full rent for the whole time. At first he acted like he was giving me a break, but then later he said only if his insurance company gave him a break. Yeah, whatever.)

My sister Mandie took some photos from the roof of my house:

My brother Shawn might be part monkey:

I spent most of the day with a chainsaw.

facebook update, 9:12 PM
i’ll be back after a shower…i have a lot of notifications to take care of today…but i will get to everything, i promise. but…i really really really need a shower. 5-6 hours of chainsawing in the sun. be right back.

Photos uploaded at 11, then…bed.

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